Celebrity Boxing - Rodney King, Jose Canseco & More

Rodney King said boxing is helping him stay sober.

King, whose 1991 video taped beating by Los Angeles police helped spark South Central riots a year later, is among a group of D-list celebrities barnstorming the country as part to the Celebrity Boxing Federation.

Others who box in for the federation include Danny Bonaduce (Partridge Family), Willie Aames (Eight is Enough) and Michael Lohan (Lindsay's dad).

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The Exotic Erotic 30th Annual Ball attracts a huge crowd

The 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball delivered this year. Compared to last year’s event, which was held at Treasure Island, this year’s Ball packed in partygoers. Early estimates put attendance for the Ball at about 9000 (source: “PR That Rocks.”)

According to the Exotic Erotic’s web site the Ball was billed as the “finest in flesh, fetish, & fantasy … uncensored and unchained (ok - sometimes chained), & all under the undulating umbrella of love, freedom and respect.” The sites definition of the Ball was “Spot on.”

Most guests wore elaborate costumes for example local Greg Aldler wore a replica of the Bumble Bee Transformer, from the movie "Transformers." Although the costume (see the photos here) did not win first place Alder definitely deserved recognition for the efforts. Other guest wore costumes that represented their sexual lifestyle, fetishes, or characters, and some wore barely nothing at all.

Where's Shila ?

By Michael Klein

Shila, the femme voice on Danny Bonaduce's morning show on WYSP (94.1), is out. Manager Andy Bloom says the decision was mutual. While a replacement is sought, the cast is Bonaduce and producer Metro.

Behar, M.D.: Rush, Beck and Bush Conservatism a Product of Being Ex-Addicts; Says Palin is 'Dumb'

By Jeff Poor
October 17, 2009

Once again, the nightly train wreck known as CNN Headline News "The Joy Behar Show" took another jab at conservatism, particularly Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Only this time, Behar threw in a couple of old standbys for whom lefties are fixated upon assaulting - former President George W. Bush and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Behar, on her Oct. 17 CNN HLN program, suggested to radio show talk host and former child-star actor Danny Bonaduce there was a trend - that people who have had struggles with chemical addictions are now outspoken, particularly those on the right that Behar disagrees with.