Danny comments on Jon & Kate's kids

Danny was on HLN issues, check out the video

New pictures of Amys wedding ring

Check out the bling that Danny presented to Amy. A most excellent wedding ring (notice no skulls anywhere on the ring). Amy loves her new jewels.

Danny comments on Fox Business about Tiger Woods

Listen to Danny's comments about Tigers indiscretions.

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Marriages made in money Tinseltown's roller coasters of love

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Everybody loves a rags to riches tale. It's always very interesting to find out how a plain Jane managed to work her way to becoming the "it" girl. Tonight's E! True Hollywood Story delivers an intimate look at some of the women who have married Hollywood's biggest players - and how they've gone from rags to riches - and in some cases, back to rags.

Gretchen Bonaduce, who was married to comedian and professional wrestler Danny Bonaduce for 17 years, is one of the former wives featured in tonight's show.
The two met on a blind date and were married on the same day. Two children and a tumulous marriage later, the two called it quits. Danny blamed Gretchen for his diminishing self-image and his substance abuse.