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* 94 WYSP's Danny Bonaduce leaped into the arms of the crowd at Bally's Bikini Beach Bar Friday night after blowing out the candles on his 50th-birthday cake. He also played guitar with Fosterchild, who played the party along with The Exceptions and DJ Danski.

Danny was the Celebrity Birthday on ET

Danny's birthday was featured on Thursday nights ET Celebrity Birthdays.

The question was: Which child tv star recently blogged about his skydiving adventure ? David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce or Willie Ames ?

The answer: Danny Bonaduce who turns 50 today.

Time to accept turning 50 years old

*********** Some of Danny's 50th gifts above **********

Aug. 13 BIRTHDAYS: Actor Pat Harrington ("One Day At A Time") is 80. Actor Kevin Tighe ("Emergency," "Murder One") is 65. Actress Gretchen Corbett ("The Rockford Files") is 62. Actor Danny Bonaduce is 50. Actress Dawnn Lewis ("A Different World," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper") is 48. Actor John Slattery ("Mad Men," "Desperate Housewives") is 47. Actress Quinn Cummings ("Family") is 42. Country singer Andy Griggs is 36. Drummer Mike Melancon of Emerson Drive is 31. Singer James Morrison is 25.

By Tom Rupp
The roller coaster slowly clanks its way up, up, up to the top of its first summit. You sit in it, looking around as you ascend into the sky, giddy at first and then progressively more timid as you inch your way higher and higher.

Danny's Birthday Bash !

Come on out to Bally's Bikini Beach Bar in Atlantic City Friday night 8/14 and help us say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Danny Bonaduce! Danny's coming up on his 50,000th handshake on his quest to 1 million. If he reaches 50,000 that night, someone will walk away with $1000! Danny will be giving out hotel rooms for the night of his party every day this and next week. Make sure you pay close attention to the show from 8-9AM every day and play KNOW THE SHOW every morning at 9AM! Be sure to text "BDAY" to 99771 to get in for free!

Danny goes skydiving

Danny went skydiving Friday from 15,000 feet (80 second free fall) and made a perfect landing. Freefall Adventures did the jump. Danny wore sunglasses on the way down but the instructor had to hold them on to his faceso they didn't blow away.Click the image above to see the entire video of the jump.