Hollywood Expert Advice: Children and Reality Shows Mix Well

Single Parent Gossip - Posted by Wolfgang in Gossip with the tags , celebrities on October 16, 2009

It was just a matter of time when fellow celebrities chime in and offer their thoughts about the Gosselins. And some of the advice may make you scratch your head. But then we know that Hollywood is somewhat different from the rest of the world, so this was somewhat expected. Just like a lawsuit that was filed today against Jon Gosselin.

What got me thinking was a comment from Gretchen Bonaduce, who was married to Danny Bonaduce from 1990 to 2007. Walking down the Red Carpet of the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards 2009, Bonaduce was asked for her opinion on the Gosselin drama. And in her opinion in is really the media who is at fault here and not the impact of the Reality TV Show.

Danny Bonaduce, Tila Tequila and Coolio all headline the 2009 Exotic Erotic Ball October 23rd-24th

Danny Bonaduce will be at this years Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco CA October 23 and October 24, 2009. Along with Tila Tequila, her and Danny will judge the constume contests with cash prizes over $10,000. Musical Performers include Missing Persons, DJ Skribble, Coolio, Mini-KISS.

Philadelphia Phillies shown some love from Danny Bonaduce

There was a Phillies rally to lead up to Game 1 of the NL Division Series Playoffs against the Colorado Rockies. The official event was held Tuesday at a Playoff Pep Rally from 1:00 to 1:30pm. It was held on 16th and Chestnut downtown. Rally towels & signs were given out to fans to cheer on the Phillies for Wed's 5-1 win against the Rockies.

Scheduled appearances included former Phillie Darren Daulton, Danny Bonaduce, KYW reporters, WOGL's Frank Lewis, The Big Talker" Dom Giordano &Rick Grimaldi & and Phillies Ball Girls.

Danny Turns down Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania Tour

Danny has turned down a place on Hulk Hogans Hulkamania Tour in Australia because he is not happy with the pay involved. (Plus he does have a radio contract and may not have the time) Danny appeared on Hulk Hogans Celebrity Wrestling last year.

The current talent list for Hulk Hogan's Tour includes Ric Flair, Brutus Beefcake, Aumaga (Ymaga), Kishi (Rikishi), Black Pearl, Ken Anderson, Shannon Moore, Orlando Jordan, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), The Nasty Boys, Paul London and Jimmy Hart.

New Season of World's Dumbest Starts Oct 1st

Check out the latest season of World's Dumbest,stupid has never been funnier. Starting Oct 1st on TruTv. Stars such as Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding and Judy Gold entertain as they show footage and make hilarious commentary about the world's dumbest criminals, drivers, fans, daredevils, competitions and partiers.