Al Roker talks to Danny about Spencer Pratt

Click on image below of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to listen to the interview about the Twitter comments Spencer was making.

Meet Danny This Saturday 11/21

Danny will be appearing Sat 1-2 at WYSP's NOT JUST Rock Record Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center located 100 Station Ave. off of Rte. 422.

Free admission and parking for the three-day event. It starts Friday and runs through Sunday. You can find vintage vinyl, DVDs, bootleg CD's and rock memorabilia. Celebrity guests include Danny Bonaduce, Dinky Dawson, Elaine "SPANKY" McFarlane (Spanky & Our Gang) and collectibles appraiser Gary Sohmers from "Antiques Roadshow."

'Little Redheads Across America' explores the challenges of having red hair

By Becky Wright

Lucille Ball was known as America's Favorite Redhead, but she admitted that her hair color came from a bottle.

Plenty of genuine redheads have gained fame in America, including Carol Burnett, Conan O'Brien, Danny Bonaduce, Bette Midler, Winona Judd and comic Scott Thompson, better known as Carrot Top.

According to "Little Redheads Across America," 20 U.S. presidents had red hair, including George Washington (who used powder to make it appear white), Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Other famous redheads listed in the book include Nicole Kidman, Vincent Van Gogh, Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth I, Sarah Ferguson, Cleopatra, William Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling.

Danny on HLN network

Danny commented recently on the Issues program shown on the HLN network about reports of David Hasselhoff being offered a reality show with his family. Check out the video below:

Danny leads Parade of 1000 Rocky's on Sunday 11/08/09

Danny lead the Parade of 1000 Rocky’s without a shirt on and had a blast. It was certainly a spectacle to behold. There was a boxing ring at the Art Museum and Danny allowed all the kids to take swings at him for fun. Some of them were rather aggressive. There were even a few choice uppercuts from a 9 year-old. The day concluded with a cheesesteak eating contest at the end. Danny initially took offense when someone said something to him about the Stern show, but after thinking about it and all the nice things that Howard’s done for Danny over the years, Danny had no issue with it.