Paralyzing storm: City at 28.5 inches, near record.
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By Anthony R. Wood

Inquirer Staff Writer

The great snowstorm of Feb. 5-6, 2010, is history - quite literally.

Officially, 28.5 inches was measured at Philadelphia International Airport, just shy of the all-time record and vaulting the winter of 2009-10 to No. 2 for snow in 126 years of record-keeping.

Unofficially, while it quieted the Saturday bustle and transformed the landscape spectacularly, it was about as disruptive as a weekend storm could be.

More than 70,000 people lost power in South Jersey, mostly in Cape May County. SEPTA shut down most of its operations by 2 p.m. Somehow, the airport remained open, but the runways were as forsaken as the city streets and the empty train stations, with most departing and arriving flights canceled.

Join Danny & Bring Back The Smiles To Haiti - Help out if you can

This Saturday! That’s the day we bring back the smiles to Haiti.

DETAILS: A full 24 hours of comedy featuring Vince August, Danny Bonaduce, Davy Jones, and many more. Proceeds benefit charities including Doctors Without Borders, Fountains of Hope for Haiti, and The Red Cross.

Bring Back the Smiles to Haiti presents it’s signature event this Saturday January 23, 2010 at The Times Square Arts Center, 669 8th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Street. The excitement begins at 7 pm and will continue for 24 hours. The entire evening, produced by entertainment veteran John Velasco and promoted by SmartStars LLC will be broadcast live, worldwide on RockMeTV.com and syndicated nationwide on radio through Jetcast.com. The event features live performances, star segments and major surprises.

Jeff Jarrett versus Danny Bonaduce ??

As of now there are no firm plans to do Jeff Jarrett vs Danny Bonaduce, either at Lockdown or anywhere else. They decided to do the angle themselves that morning so that they can come back to it down the road if they want to. The radio interview was one of a series of media shots that Jarrett and Jeremy Borash did in the Northeast recently.

Danny Bonaduce mentioned today during his show that he will need three months to get ready for a match against Jeff Jarrett. That would put it on the Lockdown PPV in April.


Danny with Neil Cavuto on FBC

Check out Danny on FBC with Neil about full body scans...

New female sidekick on Danny's show starts Monday 1/11/10

Danny Bonaduce's new morning co-host on WYSP-FM, starting Monday the 11th of January is the "one name" Sarah, who tried out on the show last month. She worked for Chris Booker (Bookerman) in New York before his Q102 days. At that time she was known as Danni. Can you imagine having "Danny & Danni" on YSP? No way and no way. So it looks like Danni, no wait I mean Sarah will be the new co-host. C'mon whats your real name anyways ???