Danny's Life - Part 2

Other work

Danny boxed Donny Osmond in a charity event and later boxed former Brady, Barry Williams, in a separate event. Bonaduce won both contests gaining a decision over Osmond and a TKO over Williams. On June 11, 2007, Danny boxed attorney Robert Shapiro for a charitable event. In 2002, Danny has released an autobiography, Random Acts of Badness. It was a New York Times bestseller. In 2008 he participated in another charity boxing event held in Philadelphia (see video below)


Danny Media Tidbits

• Danny made a cameo appearance in a 1994 episode of Married With Children along with Partridge Family costar Dave Madden.

• Danny received an "award" from The Soup and refused to read his speech then ended up kissing the host, Joel McHale. This was not scripted.

• Danny's self-titled LP was released in 1973 by MGM Records. Danny has admitted that his vocals can barely be heard on the album; most of the singing was provided by Bruce Roberts.

• Danny has appeared as himself on the detective series Monk.

• Ashley Massaro, current WWE diva and winner of the '05 diva search, was Danny's personal trainer.

• Danny guest-starred with J. D. Roth on an episode on Sex Wars. Five years later, Danny would later work with Roth, behind-the-scenes on Breaking Bonaduce.

• Danny guest-starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season 7 Episodes 1 and 2. He plays the first victim of the Miniature Killer.

• Danny appeared in the fourth season of The Drew Carey Show as the son of Shirley Jones's character.

• Danny, admitting his track record as not perfect, gets the last laugh as a commentator for TruTv's The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals.

• Danny is referenced in Taking Back Sunday's song "12 Days of Christmas, where they replace the lyrics "and a partridge in a pear tree" with the "and a danny bonaduce." They also have a short conversation talking about him.

• Danny is in 2 episodes of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels". In the first episode Danny is helping Shannon Tweed determine if Gene could possibly beat a lie detector. In the second episode he is in studio with Adam Corolla when Gene is hooked up to a lie detector. Danny asks several questions to Gene and then asks questions to Shannon when she eventually is hooked up to the machine.

• On October 2, 2007, Bonaduce was in an altercation with former reality-show participant Jonny Fairplay during the FOX Reality Channel Reality Awards[8]. Fairplay was on stage towards the end of the Awards show and being booed by the audience, which seemed to perplex Fairplay. Bonaduce walked on stage and told Fairplay the audience reaction was "because they hate you", and then started walking off the stage without another word.Fairplay called Bonaduce back and said something to him which the stage microphones did not pick up. Fairplay then leapt into Bonaduce's arms, straddled and thrust his crotch into him, allegedly as a joke - part of Fairplay's shtick.Bonaduce, who stated that Fairplay's hands near his throat made him uncomfortable, adjusted his balance and his grip on Fairplay and then threw him over his head. This caused Fairplay to hit the stage floor, face first.

• On March 2008 prior to a celebrity boxing event, comedian Bob Levy slapped Bonaduce while visiting Bonaduce's dressing room[3]. Video shot of the moment doesn't make clear what circumstances led to the altercation and Bonaduce, who has been noted for his temper did not retaliate though the video does show him confronting the comic.