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wtf bro? Bit by a f'ked up fan.. maybe she shoulda stuck w the x..? You doin' that whole Seattle back piece? Love ink myself, just haven't found a city I love that much I guess.. tho NYC's close. Rock the fk on dawg.. & do what ya do.. we're about the same age, and I guess I'm still
representin' pretty well.. just not in the media.. thank f'n gawd.. Tim

hey Danny,I met you quite a few years ago at Networks on
City Line Ave outside of Philly,and you took time out of working that night to sign a pic of the two of us when we were younger,and I just wanted to say that you
showed a lot of class by forgiving and forgetting the girl who bit you,its sounds like a pretty creepy encounter but I think your the best down to
earth guy and i wish you all the happiness and success inthe world!!!Take Care,Sincerely,Tara C

Just wanted drop a line and let Danny i'm a fan of he's.
He's a hell of a good guy,like to meet him and shake he's hand and have a couple of beers. I also got a couple pics of off he's site. The ones of him
boxing. I know he must kick ass in the ring. Like to take talk to him and of course meet him. Dave

yikes! sorry to hear about bath-salts-biting-lady, holy
crap...if that's how she interprets "1st base" i shutter at thought of a home run!! just wanted to let you know we here in Philly LOVED having you, while it
lasted; i miss seeing you in the morning with eukie. new tat is FAB. hope Seattle has fully
taken you into the fold. Julie

Danny, I have been your fan since you were that
terrible kid on the PF. Now I have a seven year old
granddaughter who is just as bad....just wanted
to let you know your fans will always be there to support you. Love Ya Yet.....Deb

good listening to show, thanks hope to hear
back, Phil.
> >

I am a big fan and I work out alot. I admire your bodybuilding results and would like to know a what your typical workout routine consists of and how
long it takes. Is diet a big factor for your success?
Love to meet you someday.....big fan always.

Thank you. John C

Saw the bite on and I had to write. We LOVED listening to you on the Loop with Brandmeier. That was some of the best radio EVER!!! We moved from Chicago 14 years ago, but now and then find ourselves going "remember when Danny and Brandmeier did _______________". Wishing you continued success. Dana

Dear Mr. Bonaduce,
I was sickened to hear that somebody had (even temporarily) messed up your pretty face. My thoughts and prayers are with you as your injuries heal
and you are restored to your beautiful self. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from a fan (of the non-biting type) in Virginia. Pam

Hey Danny ,
I have followed your radio career and have listened in Phoenix, Chicago (miss the LOOP show), Philly and now Seattle? Wow. I am going to listen through your site My wife and I think about you often and how much we enjoy your shows. Keep up the great work! Oh and Amy! WOW SCORE! She's stunning. Good for you!

DC in Orlando!

Hope you got a tetnus shot. Antibiotics may not be enough! LOL You didn’t know their were vampires in Seattle did ya? Best to you in your career as DJ at KZOK, so glad they hired you, I think you will be a lot of fun!!


Yo Danny, just saw that you are now working in Seattle, my future home I hope. My name is Ray and am born and raised in Philly, still live here, but I have been unemployed since 2008, and listened to you every
morning on 94wysp. I miss you , Metro, Spike, the entire crew, and the station, for having sports radio on an AM and FM sucks. Was in Seattle Sept 19th 20011 for a week, and was there last year for a week as well
. Love it there, Philly is a tough and rough city, Seattle is so laid back, I just love it there. Do you like it there? You miss Killadelphia????

Take care
Ray Swede

Saw the repeat of the old show on A&E last night and was reminded how much I have always loved you. Something about you, not sure what it is! Wishing you all the best and hoping you are happy. You are alot smarter than most. Stay true to yourself. Val M.

I just wanted to say hi and thank Mr Bonaduce. I was in Hollywood Sat
5-21-11 and saw Danny on Hollywood Blvd. Being a fan I was a little star
struck, but I asked him for a picture, he was very happy to oblige. I
thanked him, shook his hand and he was on his way, what a great story and a
great memory! Thank you Mr. Bonaduce for your time, it's so nice to see you
appreciate your fans.
Your Fan, Doug O.

I read your book "Random Acts of Badness" and I thought you were honest,
humble and very funny. I don't agree with you on some issues but so what.
I think you are cool.

I didn't watch your show as a kid because my parents were watching
something else. But what few episodes I did watch I knew you were very
bright and yes you are memorable. I hope you are doing well and if
not...bounce back Bonaduce, bounce!

Fom W.S.

Hey Danny,
Was disappointed when I turned to WYSP and you were no
longer on the air.I commuted for almost 20 yrs into the Lehigh Valley and listened to you on my 45 minute commute most mornings. I gave up on WYSP after that. Hope your enjoying Seattle. One of my favorite cities in the US. Only question I can think to ask is do
you support the Sounders or still Fan of the Union? Talk Hard, Jay

In Regards to the Janel Mitchell incident:

Hello, This is the first time in 49 years I have ever left a message for
someone I do not know, but I am compelled to leave this one...Danny, you
NAILED her, lol, you said exactly what I was thinking, "this is news?". My
favorite part is when you said "So just because he's your friend that makes
it news?" and she had a complete (unprofessional) meltdown. Thank you for
making me laugh so hard I almost soiled myself!! Regards, Bev

Hey Danny just wanted to say hi and thanks for being who you are as a
person and the work you've contributed in various roles over your career.
You've had your ups and downs by the look of it professionally and
personally but at least you've faced your adversities and never shirked
away from them in public unlike other celebs. Your a breath of fresh air mate
and wish more people in your line work were more like you.

It would be great if ever the opportunity presented it you could make it
down under sometime as i am sure you would be a big hit with the local
media and of course all your Aussie fans.

I look forward listening to you on the net quite regularly from my small
village set in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia
Keep on keeping on mate and all the best to you in your professional
pursuits and life.

Regards Pat from Australia


You and I are the same age. I found you on the internet and wanted to write to you. My wife and I have been purchasing DVDs of our favorite television programs. We have two daughters that enjoy them as much as we did. The Partridge Family is being discovered again at our house as the enjoyable comedy that it is. As I watch you, I remember so much of my childhood, the good and the bad. School was really horrible for me. I remember just trying to get through the school day. Friday nights were eagerly awaited to escape to. My father was a Marine and growing my hair like the Partridge Family was verboten! Contrary to MY youth, during the Partridge Family years YOU have a body of work that is impressive. I watch you now and remember how we thought you were the coolest. I know you were acting. But still, you can't escape that it was quality work to be proud of the rest of your life. Your life to date has been far more colorful than mine and I wouldn't necessarily want to trade places with you, but I just had to tell you, well done! Danny Partridge is an icon! Thanks for the memories and best wishes to you and ours and continued success in whatever dreams you pursue!

J.S. (Geezus, another guy turning 50!)
Carlisle, PA