Danny Bonaduce signs autographs at Gladiator Rock N Run

Kelly Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington was the recent host of the Gladiator Rock'N Run event, which saw participants get stuck into an adventure course for charity.

The 5K event is to benefit Autism research and it attracted more than 2,500 people. One of the attendees was Danny Bonaduce, who helped organizer Dan Clark emcee the event and was also available to sign autographs. This would have been a lot of fun for those who were fans of the man himself, having followed his career so far.

According to Clark, the event was a chance for those taking part to “unleash their inner Gladiator.” It was a chance for people to try an alternative type of entertainment, getting out there and enjoying the adventurous activities. When they returned home in the evening, they would have felt energized, yet very ready to relax in the bathtub or over a game of partypoker. The event was a chance for everyone to escape from the stresses of working in everyday life and to meet challenges head-on. There were a total of 17 courses which included a slip-and-slide down a hill, a mud pit, dumpster diving and wall-climbing. There were also two “nightmare mystery obstacles” so however they looked at it, competitors were going to come out covered in mud.

Aside from the actual courses there was a rock show and an adult bouncy-house, as well as other types of entertainment. This meant that spectators could also enjoy themselves, without having to roll around in the mud or swim through pools. The event is based in Los Angeles however it tours all across the United States. There are 12 shows each year and they are all extremely exciting, attracting many adventure seekers each time they take place.